We leverage our expertise in agency marketing to drive more leads to your digital agency. Whether you want more enterprise clients or more referrals from current clients, x27 can help.

As a founder you're busy with a million things. You don't have time to keep track of constantly changing marketing tactics, manage a vendor for content, another vendor for social media, somebody to run SEO, etc. Or worse - you're already juggling directory sponsorships, throwing live events, and working with 3 or 4 marketing vendors.

We do all of that for you - giving you an all-in-one marketing team that actually brings your agency new customers, or managing your current team to incentivize them to hit their lead goals. Here are some big wins:

"Over 1 Million Dollars in New Sales"

One agency client was around for 6 years - strong word of mouth client base - but their growth was stalled. We did an analysis and found out their website was only bringing in 14 leads per month.

Within 3 months of x27 handling all of their inbound channels we got their number of leads to over 60 a month - this equals $9,000,000 per quarter in new leads for their sales team. 6 months later they're past 100 leads per month. We're still consulting with this client, who is on track to double revenue and finally cross the $10 million mark.

"6 Days, 6 Enterprise Meetings"

Testing our cold calling service with a client (80 person iOS development agency in NYC), we had our team make calls on behalf of their company. Using our process of looking up specific goals and researching C-level executives, we booked calls with 6 enterprise companies in 6 days.


"Break Into the United States"

We're currently working with several South American development agencies to setup partnership meetings with American firms.

Here's what they had to say:


All of our engagements start with an initial review of all of your agency's marketing and sales channels along with tactical recommendations.


Enterprise Outreach: Cold Calling/Emailing

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Agency Partnerships

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Directories and Sponsorships

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Meetups, Networking & In-Person events

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Paid User Acquisition / Retargeting


Fully Managed Content / Social Media Management

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Content Promotion / PR



Become the only agency your customers think of... when they think of mobile app development.



Revenue is the only thing that matters in business. Our clients see substantial increases in their number of inbound leads, some as much as 4x as many leads within 2 months.



Spend less than 1 hour a week focusing on your marketing... we handle everything else. Give us a KPI to hit and we'll get it done.



Our clients typically see between a 50% - 100% increase in traffic within two months of starting.

Some of Our Clients Served


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