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Initial Review

All of our engagements start with an initial review of all of your agency's marketing and sales channels along with tactical recommendations.

  • Review of all directory listings currently used (dribbble, behance, awwwards, css, etc)
  • Recommendations for areas of improvement in directories
  • Review of current web language and agency positioning (for use in writing profiles and cold email campaigns)
  • Review of current lead generation channels - recommendations for new channels to pursue (meetups, partnerships, enterprise outreach, white labeling, podcasts)
  • Interviews with 5 past clients to better grasp what makes your agency unique in their eyes, these takeaways will be used to improve both cold emails and profiles
  • Recommendations for new directories to pursue
  • Specific ideas for conferences to attend, sales best practices at those conferences
  • Sales best practices for qualifying the leads you get via all contact forms
  • Specific & tactical recommendations for every relevant marketing channel: linkedin, twitter, Facebook, dribble, behance, sales, email outreach, referrals, and more
  • 30/60/90 day marketing plan with a heavy focus on ROI

Enterprise Outreach: Cold Calling/Emailing

Cold calling is THE quickest way to get enterprise clients for your agency.

  • 48 meetings after 6 months
  • Enterprise leads, custom research
  • Specific ideas and research for each account

Agency Partnerships

Partnership outreach is another way to build relationships and generate leads using cold email. X27 can provide:

  • 48 meetings booked after 6 months with partners or enterprise customers
  • Weekly sales strategy calls/check-ins with our team to continually improve
  • Optional: Add cold calling (48 additional meetings per 6 months)

Directories and Sponsorships

Directories are the simplest way to get onto the first page of google. Directories along have generated millions of dollars for our clients. X27 can provide:

  • Selection of top 5 directories for agency leads
  • Optimization and writing for each of those profiles
  • 2-4 relationship building exchanges per month with directory employees
  • Selection of the top performing directory sponsorships
  • Collection of client testimonials
  • Monthly management of all directory profiles to ensure high rank

Meetups, Networking & In-Person events

In person events will generate leads in your local area if done correctly. X27 events have been attended by over 3,000 people in the last 12 months. X27 can provide:

  • Setup of meetup group in your area, with recurring monthly event hosted by your team
  • Create 2 in-depth presentations per month
  • Promote each event on listing sites and using local contacts (works in most major cities)


Podcasts are one of the most underutilized channels for finding agency leads. Our clients have been on EntrepreneurOnFire, TheTop, Rocketship.FM and dozens of others. X27 can provide:

Placement on 2-4 podcasts per month

  • Interview prep sheet for better preparation
  • Media kit with sample topics and questions
  • One 45 minute practice interview with feedback

Paid User Acquisition / Retargeting

PPC or paid ads can be effective for agencies, although other channels are recommended to start. X27 can provide:

  • Creation of 2-3 landing pages
  • Management of ad campaigns on Facebook and Google
  • Daily optimization and creation of new ads

Fully Managed Content / Social Media Management

  • Content Creation/Social Media Management:
  • 4 blog articles per month (ghostwritten via interview with you and the team)
  • Consistent management of LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter following all best practices listed above.

Content Promotion / PR

  • Outreach to 100 influencers per month in your niche (great for direct client acquisition)
  • Content features in magazines, blog, newspapers and major publications
  • Speaking events at conferences around the world