Over $9 Million in New Leads

As a founder or head of content you're busy with a million things. You don't have time to keep track of constantly changing marketing tactics, manage a vendor for content, another vendor for social media, somebody to run SEO, etc, etc.

You'd rather focus on growing your company. And that's where we come in.

Here's an example:

A client in the mobile development space was around for 6 years - strong word of mouth client base - but their growth was stalled.

We did an analysis and found out their website was only bringing in 14 leads per month.

Within 3 months of x27 handling all of their inbound channels we got their number of leads to over 60 a month - this equals $9,000,000 per quarter in new leads for their sales team.

We did this by handling all aspects of content for them:

  • Rewriting case studies
  • Reviewing where their leads were coming from (directories, blogs, etc)
  • Creating SEO optimized blog posts
  • Uploading those posts to the blog
  • Promoting the posts across LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit and Facebook
  • Constantly evaluating and testing new marketing channels (like podcasts)

Our team would love to do the same for you.

How it works:


  • Typically this includes:
    • Google Analytics Setup and/or Optimization - make sure you know where your users are coming from, and how they're interacting with your site. A lead is worthless if you can't identify where they came from and grow that channel.
    • Analysis of Current Lead Generation Methods - where are your current customers coming from? We'll go through all of your current marketing efforts to identify your most profitable channels.
    • Setup and/or optimization of social media accounts (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc) - make sure all the headers and bios of your social media accounts are optimized to get people to buy. Here's an example of a great Twitter bio:
      • "Twin-founded mobile dev shop - Experience with Fortune 500 companies (Priceline, Bloomberg, etc). Let's build your company's mobile apps: (212) 456-7890"
    • Email marketing automation setup (Hubspot, Mailchimp, AWeber, etc) - we'll setup all of your email marketing programs including adding collection plugins to blogs and A/B testing headlines (passthrough plugin costs).



  • Content Calendar (based on SEO research) - content marketing is the #1 way (behind referrals) that companies grow. It's also the best way to get to the first page of google. We'll find the best keywords - things your competition would never find - and write blog posts to attract undiscovered clients.
    • Monthly Content promotion - reaching out to bloggers and actually driving traffic to posts SUCKS. That's why scripted and other content firms don't offer it. Let us take care of driving massive traffic to your new blog posts.
      • Post promotion to 15 relevant bloggers - we'll email bloggers on your behalf to get them to link back to your articles, driving more traffic and increasing your search ranking.
      • 90 Social Media Posts across LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook - drive further traffic through the user of targeted hashtags and @mentions.
    • Monthly content deliverables:
      • Backlink research for each blog post
      • 1 new email opt-in ebook per month
      • 1 Weekly email newsletter
      • 4 SEO optimized blog articles (1,000+ words each) per month



  • Everything we do is tracked and measured using Google Analytics. You'll always know your cost per lead and the channel that they're coming in on.



  • With constant support:

    • Your dedicated account manager is just a phone call or email away. Any question you have, at any time. These are guys that have done marketing strategy for large digital agencies and typically charge $150/hour for strategy support... all included in the package.

Benefits / Typical Results:

  1. Save Time - Spend less than 1 hour a week focusing on your marketing... we handle everything else. Give us a KPI to hit and we'll get it done.
  2. Drive Traffic - Our clients typically see between a 50% - 100% increase in traffic within two months of starting.
  3. Grow Your Brand - by increasing your web presence, the ultimate goal is for you to be the only vendor users think of when they think of your offering.
  4. More Inbound Leads - Revenue. The only thing that matters in business. Our clients see substantial increases in their number of inbound leads, some as much as 4x as many leads within 2 months.

Budget / Timeline

Budget: $5,000 per month (Plus $2,000 in the first month for setup)

If all sounds good book a time to chat and we can discuss your project!


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If all sounds good book a time to chat and we can discuss your project!