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Did you know Alex takes on 4 different private consulting clients?

These clients either do 1 session, 4 sessions, 8 sessions. These sessions are crazy beneficial because Alex can help you double, triple, or maybe even quadruple your revenue week by week.

This can mean huge gains in your business. The goal is to make your money back by a minimum of 10x your investment.

Each consult is:

  • 1 hour long.
  • Is over Skype.
  • Will focus on whatever you need.
  • Will get actual work done on the spot.
  • …if you don’t know what you need, Alex will help you figure it out.

1-on-1 Consulting Sessions:

1 Session
4 Sessions
8 Sessions
On-site team training + travel expenses.
Just do it all for me! All done and delivered

I look forward to working with you!
Alex Berman

P.S. The results seen for nearly all clients are insane. I try to make you back 10x your investment whenever you work with me. I look forward to it!

Happy clients:

I was looking to grow my agency business and not just rely on inbound customers and referrals and wanted to acquire customers that were in industries that I wanted. After discovering Alex on Youtube talking about outreach marketing, I decided to give his consultations a try. After just one session, I received so much value that by just acting on the strategy he gave me, I managed to land 3 new clients and one new partnership with an agency. I highly recommend consultations with Alex especially if you’d like to take your agency to the next level and get clients you thought were out of your reach. –Sean Foo, Founder of SpeechSilver Copywriting

Our team was very satisfied with Alex’s consulting session as he was able to deliver valuable information and offer clarification regarding many questions that we had. Alex was able to go through our business strategy and processes and offer insights into how to best optimize our structure and activities for increased performance. Alex was able to help us focus our direction and offer honest, applicable advice as to how to grow our business. We highly recommend his consulting session! – Samuel Corso, CEO of TechSuite

Just had a paradigm shifting call with Alex – now filled with fresh ideas on new business generation! – Sakari Turunen, entrepreneur

About six months ago I had a call that changed my life. Alex encouraged me and helped me give myself permission to pursue my goals. In just six short months now I’ve hired two employees, been featured in Forbes, USA Today College, Entrepreneur, Huffpost, Inc, Yahoo News, TheNextWeb, started a Youtube channel, and taken my marketing career to truly to the next level. My Youtube videos, my press, and my “come-up” (8-year-overnight-success) in the last six months has sprouted from what Alex demonstrated to me with his channel and his journey. – Daniel Wallock, entrepreneur