What To Do When A Prospect Goes Dark (With Examples)

Today I’m going to talk about what to do once you have a call with somebody and they won’t answer your email. I’m going to run through the exact scripts we used to follow up with people using an actual example.

After a week or so of people not jumping on the phone after they’re interested I would send an email to schedule a meeting that week, that email has about a 50% to 75% response rate. Most of the time, when you send a short email like this, people will get back.

What we’ll do if people don’t answer this email? Most people would answer, like I said, unless they are fully-in, heads-down mode ignoring you or super busy or something. Then I’ll send this email.

This is just a few days after that first email, just giving him a little bit of value and trying to get them on the phone and then finally I’ll send this email, about a week later:

I’d send a direct link to my Calendly and use my Youtube Channel on these follow-ups and I’ll jump into the mail merge in Yesware and show you how exactly I use these:

Those are the first three that you saw, then I’m just copy-pasting and changing the video I’m sending to people. You saw the Behance one and then I’ll send another email almost exactly the same two weeks later:

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Then I’ll start sending them every 30 days after that. Once a month people get an email from us and it’s a new video until they tell us to unsubscribe or they respond and hop on a call.

This is not our cold email follow-up strategy, this is for people that we talk to on the phone that have expressed interest and then have gone completely dark on us. That’s why it seems a little aggressive and would not be this aggressive on a cold email, which if you read the cold email follow-up blog post (http://www.experiment27.co/blog/how-we-cold-email-if-no-response), you’ll see that.

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Try this out at the very minimum, if you have some clients that have gone dark on you that were interested, I would send this exact script to them:

And most of these people will get back to you, if my experience is any indication, at least 50% of the people that you think have gone forever will get back to a short email like this and then you can get them on a phone call. Or maybe you could get an insight of what’s going on in their lives and why they aren’t buying from you


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