What to Do In The First 90 Days After Starting an Agency?

There are really two goals that you need to cover in your first 90 days from creating your agency, the first 30 days as an agency owner you need to understand and work hard to achieve these goals. These are a way for you to organize your time and focus on upgrading your agency very fast:

  • Get your first clients
  • Hire a team to deliver

Here’s how...

Day 1 – 30: Get your first 3 clients

You can do this a number of ways but what I can recommend is that you go out and ask around your network. Look at your former bosses, look at your friends that work for bigger companies and once you figure out the service you’re going to offer, asking around should get you at a client or two. Once you have those three clients you want to make sure you get money from them.

So, what do you do with the initial revenue?

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Most people that I’ve seen going to the agency business start doing the work and then they’re going to look up 30 days when the work’s delivered and then they have to go out and get clients again. That is not the way that I did at X27 and it’s not the way that you should do it in the first 90 days.

Days 30- 60: Hire a team to deliver

When I got my first client for Experiment 27 it was a start-up founder in New York City, it was a two person team that were bootstrapping their start-up and they needed more leads for their company.

So, I sold the contract and it was about $2,000 for ten meetings, then I went out to Upwork.com –this is a very awesome website to hire- and I hired a guy to sales train and another guy, he was from the Philippines, as a cold caller to knock this out.

From the beginning what you DON’T want to do in your first 90 days is to do the work but you DO want to focus on sales because it is what actually drives the company and then you want to hire other people to do the work for you. That’s pretty key and that will separate you immediately from other freelancers.

As soon as you start hiring other people you immediately become an agency and not a freelancer and it lets you have more time to focus.

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Days 60- 90: Close as many deals as possible

Let’s say you close five to six projects, they can be low-cost because you’re building up your portfolio but you want to stay on top of the production team as much as you possibly can. At Experiment 27 I hired Robert who ended up becoming my co-founder, but his job now is just to watch production and make sure that they actually deliver on time and deliver what they say they’re going to deliver.

Finding someone for that is important but you don’t have to hire for that role immediately. It can start as one of those designers that you hired to do the work and then scale and evolve from there, that way you’re giving your workers an opportunity to grow into your company.

Those are basically the first 90 days, hustle your ass off to get those first three clients, then use that revenue to hire somebody to do the work for you. Do not do the work yourself or else you’re a freelancer and then stay on top of that team for the next 30 days and after you’ve proven that process works, go out and find more clients.

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