What did I study in school?

One question i’ve gotten for a fair amount of time for some reason is ‘What did you study in school?’

I did go to college, I went to this school called ‘Florida Gulf Coast University’ in Naples, Florida and i studied marketing and when I say that people is like ‘Oh, you studied marketing and now you are actually doing it right now!’. The thing is that i didn’t really learned anything in school worth learning.

The entire time I was in school, at least for senior and junior year, I did a lot of bike riding and listening to audiobooks, marketing books, anything from branding to the business side. And then the normal business self-help books that everyone likes to read about.

That’s basically where I got my college education and then I would pop into class to take tests and that’s it.

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I really could’ve studied anything from history to political science and still learn all this stuff about marketing. I don’t think college is necessary and I don’t think education is necessary.

When we hire we never look at people’s education, I really don’t. I’ve been in startups in the past that only hire from Ivy League and somehow I was able to sneak into that but I don’t think it makes a better company.

Those ‘Ivy League’ companies are doing any better than other companies that i know they were started by high school dropouts. Actually, one of the most successful companies were started by somebody that never even went to college.

So, I don’t think education matters too much. I did study marketing, if you’re wondering, I have a bachelor of science in that. The marketing that we learned in school is very different than the marketing that works now, we never learned anything about social media, we didn’t really learned anything about how advertising work right now.

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All of that had to be learned in the field and really marketing didn’t start to click for me until I started actually applying it to clients.

If you think about getting into marketing and you are on the fence about skipping college, I say skip it and start working and if you’re in college and studying marketing i’d say read a bunch of books and try to get hired as soon as possible -even if you’re still in school- because what you learn in college is not going to serve you at all.

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