The Reddit Experiment - Spending $50 on Reddit Advertising

It seems like every week there’s another article that talks about how Reddit is in trouble, how their advertising doesn’t convert and how Reddit ads are the worst idea ever and so on.

I want to try Reddit ads. I really like Reddit as a community; I use it all the time and I feel like it’s worth digging into it.

So for today’s post, I’ll be taking $50, splitting it four ways across four different ads, running them all simultaneously on Reddit over five days and then looking at the results.

So what is Reddit advertising? Well if you go to any subreddit, you’ll see ads on the top (unless you have an ad-blocker):


Sometimes they’re popular posts and sometimes they are promoted posts for companies which will appear on blue. You can buy them on the advertising dashboard and, as you can see below, I’ve already got some running.

Honestly I haven’t seen any return at all on these, and they almost don’t have any up-votes. Even if it was a $5 test, I did get a lot of clicks but no conversions at all.

Now let’s create four Reddit ads from four different positions and let’s see which one performs the best

My friend Mike runs this marketing firm that does a lot of SaaS marketing called Ladder and in their blog they posted a greatarticle on all the different marketing tests that they ran and the generated ROI. Check it out

In that article they write about 4 different positions for ad copy; they are: Question, Longform, Loss-Aversion and Highly Specific.

I wrote an ad for each one promoting Experiment27, our main business. Basically we offer marketing services for digital agencies specifically.

These are the ads I did

Question ad copy: Want higher quality clients for your mobile app agency?

Longform ad copy: I’ve found most digital agencies focus so much on growing clients that they forget about their own marketing, So I came up with a solution. X27 is basically an outsourced CMO focused on growing leads for digital agencies. Interested?

Loss-aversion ad copy: Only 8 spots left – We work with some of the top digital agencies in the world to grow their leads. Will you be left behind?

Highly Specific ad copy: Agencies that are active on Dribbble typically see 10-14 qualified leads per month from that channel. Find out how we can help you grow your Dribbble account.

We have a FREE sales course for mobile and web developers, get started now

After this I went to the ad dashboard on Reddit and introduced each one of those (along with our totally cool company logo) to start testing the ads. You can tweak the category of the ad and the location; I choose “Art & Design” for the category and “Anywhere in the world” for the other option.

6 days later…

The ads are there, and the loss-aversion one got 6 comments. I want to say we received one lead; I talked to him yesterday and he couldn’t remember where he found us. He said It might have been Twitter but I doubt it, so It’ might’ve been Reddit.

In the end, we got 0 leads for $50 spent, which is not to worth it if you consider that the traffic in those ads is fairly high. In the end, the total traffic we’ve obtained from Reddit was 790 clicks over all the posts.

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The most popular ad was the highly specific one, it got 2 upvotes and no comments, but it received $94 worth of impressions for only $12.

The most commented ad was the click-baity loss-aversion copy, and it had some negative comments on it!

I might do another experiment in the next few months, but right now it’s not seeming like a good return of investment. If I were to do another ad experiment on Reddit, I would focus on the loss-aversion ad copy and maybe point it to a content marketing piece to see how that does

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