The 5 Steps to Learn Any New Sales Pitch

So you’ve just been brought up to sell something new, and your sales manager is expecting you to get onboard as quick as possible.

Normally it takes about 5 or 6 months to onboard a new salesperson to get them selling consistently, but I’ve been able to onboard our guys in weeks instead of months.

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So in this blogpost I’m going to break down the 5 steps to learn any new sales pitch, the way we do it at X27. Implement these and you and your team will be able to on-bard faster, meaning you’ll get quicker sales.

So here we go:

1.      Find the best salesperson you know that sells a similar service

This could be somebody at your company or maybe it’s another of your competitors; find and connect with them however you can, cold email, etc.

I’ve done this twice: one was the best salesman at Dom & Tom and the other one was the founder of Inspired Beats, who was actually the best salesman in the company.

Once you found this person , you can take the second step:

2.      Sit on a sales call and record it

Either use your phone or if he/she is nice enough to let you do video, you can do that; just hit record and let them do the talking.

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After you’re done:

3.      Transcribe the recordings

Write down everything that the salesperson is saying; just type it on your computer

4.      Memorize the pitch

Read it over and over again, until you have it down. What I always do is take the transcript and say it over and over again out lout, until the words become mine. Do it until the words become yours and you’ll have the phrases that he uses and the way that he is selling down.

5.      Do as many calls as possible

After you know the content, everything’s going to star becoming your own; you’ll start injecting jokes and making it yours, and since you had that baseline, you’re going to end up in a much better spot that somebody who is learning from scratch.

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