The 3 Things to Prepare for a Partnership Meeting

What do you prepare for this meetings? What do you need? Do you need pages and pages of information? What sort of research you need to do? That’s what I’m going to cover on this blog post.

How to get the most of this partnerships meetings?

1. A Four to Five Sentence Background on Your Company

Just explaining kind of what your agency is about you are and that sort of things. For Experiment 27, when we go into these types of meetings I present myself, tell them when we started our agency, my background and why we created the agency.

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Other things I’ve seen work is talking about your founding story or talking about why you exist as a company, it’s worth even if you write it down and practice a little before getting to this meeting.

2. Your Approach to Development

Another five to four sentences on why you do the things you do. One of the best put approach development I’ve ever heard is Dom&Tom, they say their approach is holistic, meaning that it doesn’t matter what platform you are, it doesn’t matter what the solution you have in mind is, they’ll be going to look at the problem first and then find the development team to build it.

Some things you could do when you’re crafting yours is think about why you started your company, what problem are you solving and what are you trying to do. Also, think about your coders, what separates your coding team from any other coding team in the world. It going to be very similar to what you tell your clients.

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3. One Solid Case Study

Preferably, a case study that’s in an industry that they’ll understand. If the agency you’re going towards is mostly enterprise companies, having a case study ready were you worked with an enterprise company and you were amazing in, same with start-ups and med-tech agencies.

Those are basically the three things to prepare. Start with a short background on your company, your approach to development and the last one is at least on case study.

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