The 3 Things to Learn on a Sales Call

I received this question from a viewer the other day, about the qualification process once a client has already agreed to a meeting.

It’s a pretty interesting question, so I decided to talk about 3 things you need to figure out on your sales calls.

Without further ado, let’s jump into it:

1. Are you a good fit for them?

Basically, you want the clients you’re talking to, to know that you’re a perfect fit. Here is where most of the selling takes place, right at the beginning of the call.

The reason you want to make sure you’re a good fit for them should be fairly obvious. If they see value on what you offer, and they know you’re going to deliver what you say, they’ll normally buy from you.


The easiest way to qualify at this point is to ask questions about what they’ve tried in the past and how big of a problem there is.

Questions like “have you tried a marketing vendor in the past to solve this”, are great, because if they say yes, they’re probably a good fit.

After that you can focus on figuring out more info that would make your results more effective.

One of the biggest feedbacks I had with past clients, was that other marketers they employed were very general about their approach and strategies, and this turned them off. Based on that information I was able to go super in-depth on the way that we sell at X27, and that won the business for us.

2. Are they a good fit for you?

You must ask the following questions to yourself (as a company):

Does their background align with what you want to do? Are they in the right life cycle of their company? Are they big enough? Do they have the right type of people?

And yet all of this can boil down to the following:

Can you be successful? And, do you want to do the work for them?

I had this client once that had kind of like a multi-leveled marketing scheme, which I don’t believe in at all, but they wanted to become our client.

So I ask them a lot of questions about their business process and also about what they’ve tried in the past, like marketing channels and such. Just from that interview we could see we were not a good fit for them and just decided to move on.


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Remember, you don’t want to be working for clients that stress you, won’t follow process, or simply don’t match the values of your company.

3. Can they afford you?

You want to make sure that every client you’re pitching to has the means to afford your services. The easiest way to do this, is to be very upfront about your prices.

I’m always very open about what everything costs, so our prices are listed out on our website.

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If you’ve established credibility in the first part of the call, and pushed back a bit in the second part, you’ll be surprised with how many people will be willing to agree with whatever price you pitch them on.

As long as the value is there, you should be able to pitch them a high number and work your way down from there.

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