[Story Time] How I Bought Experiment27.com at #SumoCon

I just came from SumoCon, a conference held by a bunch on internet marketing and sales guys coming together. I really wasn’t going to do a video about it, but something strange happened and I ended up buying Experiment27.com’s domain name.

I this blogpost (and in the video below) I’m going to run through what how that happened, what the mindset was, how the negotiation went and give you some insight on what is like to buy a domain.

Let’s go

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It was the Monday after the conference, most of the attendants had already gone away and about 30% of the people was still at the conference. While everyone was downstair at the hotel, I was working upstairs because I had back-toback calls for X27.

One of my friends was downstairs and he was emailing with me back and forth. This guy walked by (I guess he was snooping on my friend’s email) and happened to notice that the company we were talking about was called Experiment27.

Well, it cliked on this guy’s head, because he owned the Experiement27 domain, just full serendipity right?

For a long tiem Experiment27.com was just one piece of text as a place holder, and our main site was experiment27.co or x27marketing.co. Obviously I was hungry to know the person who owned the domain name and I locked in a meeting.

My friend introduced us, we shook hands and he asked a couple of questions about the company, like where we were and how we were doing.

You could tell he has asking those questions to attempt to gauge how expensive this domain should be, so I kind of downplayed our success a bit; I told him we were a growing startup, just beginning to validate the service we offer and then I asked him how much the domain, what he wanted for it.

He asked me basically the same question back; he even didn’t throw a price out so I threw two prices right off the bat. 

First I was like “I don’t really know how much a domain should cost, maybe a thousand dollars?” and he liked that offer. He told me that he sold his last domain for 17.000$, and I don’t know if that was a deal or not but I feel good about paying it and it looked like he felt good about accepting it so we shook hands on the thousand dollar deal.

I was a little worried about buying a domain or actually sending this guy a thousand dollars on PayPal, because I really only met him one time and I didn’t want to be ripped off.

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So later on a phone call I asked him about getting scammed and if there was something we could do to make this transaction safer. His response to this was perfect, he was like “Dude, I’m not going to rip you off for a thousand dollars, I live in San Francisco. We own two houses”.

With that one sentence I immediately gained a bunch of trust with this guy and sent him a thousand bucks. A few hours later he asked my GoDaddy info and he sent me the domain. We set up email, DNS and we’re all set now.

It was surprisingly easy, and I wanted to write this and the video for two things: first to show you that domain buying is possible, not just people trying to scam you most of the time.

I think having this domain name is going to be better for business, since people where already typing experiment27.com in their browser anyway. Now it’s going redirect them to the page, and that might boost our lead generation.

The second reason for me wanting to make a point on this is that sometimes, it pays to be trustworthy. If we made this deal super complicated, the process would have been uch slower, and it wouldn’t probably be worth that guy’s time anymore, to the point where it just would’ve fallen through.

By trusting him a little bit and paying upfront, I got the domain, and now our company has Experiment27.com


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