Spending $200 on Reddit Ads - The Reddit Experiment (Part 2)

You guys wanted two sequels so we will deliver! This is the Reddit Experiment part 2. This time I partnered up with Ladder, a company based in New York City and we decided to spend 200$ on Reddit Ads pushing traffic to their site.

We decided to pull four pages from Ladder's site to try to push them with Reddit Ads, putting 50$ on each one. We’ve got a ton of headlines to test for each one of these and we’re gonna get them going.

The first try on Reddit Ads

The last time we did the Reddit Experiment we only pushed people to the X27 homepage, there was no content, there was nothing, we just sent people directly to the homepage and we saw 0 conversions but a bunch of clicks. There was about a thousand clicks for 50$.

This time we took a slightly different approach and I wanted to test sending people to an specific content. These were the pages we decided to push:

Reddit Ads
Reddit Ads


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Reddit Ads
Reddit Ads

Our team worked together to write headlines for every single one of these. Then we did the purchase, remember we were going to spend 50$ on each page.

We targeted mostly the front page though some of them I targeted specific subreddits and some of the material groups. I wanted to go very broad on this just so we could see some kind of return. We ran over about 25 Ads, we got them paid and we came back 7 days later to see how the campaigns were going.

The results

7 days later we got some analytics from Stefan at Ladder:

Reddit Ads results
Reddit Ads results
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Reddit Ads results
Reddit Ads results

We got about 39 pageviews for 200$ and about 141 from the main blog, 30 sessions on referral and very low pageviews in general. It’s over a dollar per pageview, which is pretty high so I jumped back into the Reddit analytics to check how we did there.

Reddit ads results

This is the only one of the headlines that got an upvote with no comments. As for the other 24 headlines


We spend over 250$ on Reddit Ads for 0 leads and about 400 bits of traffic across both experiments. Normally, when somebody post one of our videos on Reddit, it’ll get like 3,000 views, even one of our videos got 25,000 views when it hit the top of the subreddit, all of this for 0 dollars!

What’s really strange is that some of these post from Ladder have been posted on Reddit as non-ads and they still get engagement, they drive traffic, they get comments but just having them as an Ad they get nothing and it’s very concerning for Reddit’s future, at least when it comes to advertising.

I’m calling it, Reddit Ads for B2B is dead, maybe i’ll try again in a year but right now Reddit has a big problem when it comes to advertising.

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