Should you complete RFPs?

Should you complete Request for Proposals to get mobile app deals? I’m going to tell you the one time that worked for me and my answer to this in this blog post.

What is a RFP?

You might have hear people talk about RFP,it means Request For Proposal and here’s a good example from the Government for Jordan. 41 pages of people asking for an app:

When a company wants a mobile application they will release an RFP, some companies do where it’s like pages and pages of information, asking for people to submit proposals for an application.

You might think this is awesome! The Government of Jordan has this whole thing mapped out and are just looking for people to reply and it seems like a pretty easy way to get contracts for a mobile app development company.

Well, it kind of is.

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One of the biggest deal i’ve ever closed in mobile app development -the second biggest deal, i think?- was with a University and this University came to us through a RFP.

It wasn’t an open RFP meaning it wasn’t one that was open to everybody, it was passed to us through a partner that we have worked with in the past at Dom&Tom. That partner got RFP, they didn’t want to take the business and they passed it to us. We actually spent the time to actually fill out this proposal and won the project, it was a pretty large project.

That’s the only time it has worked for me, after that our whole company kind of shifted and I ended up doing at least 200 RFPs, the whole company was doing RFPs, just filling out form after form. To do a good request for proposal response you have to fill out A LOT of requirements and they take forever to complete.

Let’s say I did 201 proposals for one response and that one response was from a partner. For me and for us as a company RFPs didn’t work and I don’t recommend doing them.

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However, if you want to try RFPs, do it and i’ll show you how you can get all the RFPs that you want:

Where do you get RFPs? The first place we got it was through a partner, that’s why i always encourage people to do it a bunch of partnership email outreach because you don’t know which partners are going to turn into a giant project for you.

If you cold email an enterprise companies and you try to get on their approved vendor list, when they announce a close RFP, they normally send it out to everybody on their approved vendor list.

If you can’t do that, check out this website For instance, let’s say we’re only looking for Ecommerce, you go and look for it on the site and there’s you unlimited RFPs if you want to do that.

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