Instagram Marketing: How to Gain 107 Likes & 10 Followers In 6 Hours

Sometimes, I like to go through a marketing channel and tear it down and see what we can improve. Today I want to cover Instagram.

I’ve got five photos queued up, I’m going to do some hashtag research, we’re going to put these photos on my personal Instagram account and test which hashtags are more effective for driving engagement on this platform.

Hopefully by the end of this post, you’ll be able to know where to go to find which hashtags to use; and the type of photos and content that appeals to your audience.

To jump into it, I want to start by finding the top Instagram hashtags, because doing this increases view count and the number of likes.

I found this page called Tags for Likes, which is completely focused on finding the most popular hashtags. Of course we’re going to use it!

Alright, so here are the 5 photos we are going to use. From left to right they are a book recommendation; a weird chat that I got on Facebook; somebody recommending x27 to a guy that just became one of our clients: a weird photo of a family in a hair-cutting place and a great Twitter ad I saw from a company called Messapps.

I uploaded all of them to my Instagram profile - where I had 234 followers at the time - with different captions and the adequate hashtags, according to the theme.

Remember to make sure to put the caption on the photo itself and the hashtags in a comment, so you can come back a few hours later to delete them and avoid having a feed filled with tags.

After posting the photos I waited about 6 hours and came back to my profile I gained 10 more followers. The photo that gained the most likes (65) was the book recommendation, while the weird Facebook chat had the least (only 5likes).

From the example above, you can see that the hashtags do work, but still depends heavily on the content. The other photos also did great and the total like count from this experiment 107.

The book recommendation photo is my favorite; it did great and gave me a new idea! I can do this more often so I’m posting another recommendation in a week to see how it goes.

And this is it; hopefully you find something valuable in this post; and if you did, keep reading our blog posts or subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more videos and information like this.

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