If Something’s Working Don’t Mix It Up - 3 Pieces of Life Advice from Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is a comedian known for his roles in movies like Get Hard, Ride Along 2 and his show Real Husbands of Hollywood, but he’s also a mogul in the making. Time magazine named him one of the most influential people in the world in 2015.

So in this blogpost I want to go through an interview with Kevin Hart from this YouTube channel called The Breakfast Club, and break down the top 3 ways that he’s dealing with his fame while trying to build an empire out of it. There’s tons of great tips ahead, so let’s get started.

Kevin Hart’s rule #1 is:

1.      Nothing last forever

In the interview, Kevin talks about having a realistic outlook in your life and how important it is to be prepared if something happens:

The scary thing is keeping that realistic point of view, that in any point in time it can all be taken away (…) so when you have that realistic point of view, you take it for what it is; you take it with a grain of salt.

So you say to yourself “this is great and I’m going to do any and everything I can right now, and set myself up longtime so I don’t have to worry about my life when it is snatched or when something is wrong”

I know a lot people (myself included) that in their first big salary, they when out and started spending so much money.

Kevin knows he’s not going to be at the top forever, so he makes plans, like this:

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2.      Build an empire regardless of precedent

He is into producing other people’s films, working with other comedians to produce specials and was one of the first entertainers that weren’t a sports star, to get a shoe line from Nike. In the interview he says:

I see what I’ve worked hard to achieve, and the fact that I’m doing it and checking things off the list is huge! Do you know that I’m signed by Nike? (…) I think my relationship with them is amazing; I’m with a company that understands my feelings about bridging the gap between professional athlete and average individual who doesn’t know there’s an athlete in him.

He’s trying to build an empire. He doesn’t care whether an actor’s been endorsed by Nike before; all he cares about is trying to grow the brand of Kevin Hart and make it last longer than what he knows is going to be a short run at the top

And how does Kevin keep that run going? This is his rule #3:

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3.      Don’t mix it up until you finish winning

He makes a really good point about this in the interview, and I recommend watching that clip (2:38). Here’s an excerpt of it:

This is what I love about people; they’re like “man when are you going to mix it up? Do something else you know?” when you’re not finished winning doing this s***.

If you look at it right now I’ve done Think like a Man 1 & 2, Ride Along, About Last night, The Wedding Ringer and now Ride Along 2 and that’s it.

 You’re talking about 5 to 6 successful movies where I’ve been the star on, not 15. Now, I’ve got my stand-up concert film coming out. Maybe I’ll go “Ok, let me do a dramedy now”, where I’m more serious, but it’s something to switch up.

 Just now I’m becoming successful in this “starring” element on the movie business, it’s not like I’ve been for 10 years doing the same movies.

Those are the 3 lessons from Kevin Hart, hopefully you took something away that you can use in your business or life.

Thanks for reading and until next time! 

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