How We're Onboarding 5 New Hires This Week

On this blog post I want to break down my onboarding process for new sales hires. One of the many reasons I want to do that is because in the private Facebook Group –which you can join by becoming a Patreon ( we put up polls one every two weeks and one of the top polling items was having trouble with recruiting sales people and having trouble with the sales people you have and making them produce.

Experiment 27 this week just hired 5 new people, so our company more than doubled in size. I want to do this in a future video, maybe I’ll come back and show you how it’s going but this is my plan for onboarding these new hires.

I’m going to show you my calendar a few days in the future and we manage Experiment 27:

We’ve got two masterminds where me and my co-founder talk about every client we have and in this we have an Excel Doc –I went through it in the Four Disciplines of Execution- where we go through every single account we have and talk about how we are doing. Those meetings have been incredibly helpful for us growing.

Then we’ve got two daily meetings, one is the daily outreach stand-up where it’s me, Director of Business Development, Afnan and the three sales people that we have underneath him right now. One of the things that we sell at Experiment 27 is we send cold emails on behalf of people, that’s one of the services we offer and this meeting is our production stand-up.

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Afnan runs the meeting and he makes sure that every account is on track for hitting their goals of number of meetings booked per month. I’m also on this meeting, eventually I won’t be in these meetings anymore and will only be production.

The other daily meeting I have is a daily sales stand-up. Besides doing outreach for customers, cold email has been the number one channel for our growth, number two is our Youtube Channel and because of that, Afnan who is our Director of BD is now moving from production work which is what he’s done before we hired these three people underneath him to doing sales for X27 full-time.

We brought another guy, Cameron, to sell next to him and what we’re doing now is we’ve got daily sales stand-ups, we’re running through our CRN and we are making sure everybody is on the same page.

We use Base for our CRN, I just started using that on Friday, we used to do that at Dom&Tom, it’s a pretty good CRN and hopefully I’ll do a full review at some point in the future.

These are all short meetings where we’re going to go over the accounts that everybody’s working on, what their estimated closing dates are and what they have been doing to hit their goals.

The most important thing when you’re hiring sales is to set realistic key performance indicators and hold them to those indicators. There’s two types of indicators:

Lead measures: are measures that you can control with your own power.

Lag measures: are measures that you can’t control.

For instance, a good lag measure for each of my sales guys is 10 closes per month or about $85,000 in revenue per salesperson per month, that’s a lag measure because they can’t control them because they have more things to do aka lead measures which is for each sales person they’re doing 150 customer touch points –whether it’s cold email or cold calls- per week to new business customers.

That’s what I’m going to hold them accountable to even more than the quarterly goal which is $250k a month per salesperson in sales or the monthly goal which is 10 closes per month.

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Besides that, we have a weekly product stand-up that I just added, we’ve got our Product Manager who makes sure everybody stays on track and my co-founder Robert runs production. All of us have a meeting digging through every account, similar to how we’ll do on the one-on-one, making sure that all of our projects are in sync and happening.

The other recurring meetings that we have are all one-on-ones, every employee that we have sits for 30 minutes with me and we do one-on-ones once a week and I’ve been doing this with all of our team member and now I’ve got them with all of our new ones. I borrowed these ones from Manager Tools.

The first ten minutes of those meetings are for the employee to talk about whatever they want to talk about, what they are struggling with, what their goals are and how they’re doing, that sort of thing. The second middle ten minutes are for me to coach them, to tell them what I want from them and then the last 10 minutes are about the future, where they see themselves in the company and where they seem themselves going as an employee or as a person in their life.

The recurring meeting I have is a monthly Town Hall where we all on the same call together for half hour and we run through a Town Hall agenda. I took this almost directly from how Dom&Tom runs theirs, they would have up to 40 people in one room and we have this agenda where we celebrate our new clients and we give everybody a chance to pitch in and suggest questions or agenda items as we go.

This is a good way to keep culture going in terms of communications, then we’ll also have the Slack Channel and we are running it constantly for all of our different categories.

That’s how I’m onboarding these sales hires and basically how we run our business right now!

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