How We Cold Email If No Response

I’ve showed you in the past how, exactly step-by-step, we get meetings with cold emails, at least from that initial email.

In this blog post I want to go even more in depth and show you the exact drip that we use when sending out cold emails.

This is the exact video I showed you saw on that blog post:

Then we’ll send an email like this, sometimes we’ll start with this one, sometimes we’ll send it second, it doesn’t really matter:

For you, the general practice I like is send a pretty lengthy email at one point where you kind of outline everything you do. Then, send a shorter email, I always like giving ideas in the email, especially if you’re sending them to one specific industry. If there’s patterns or other things that you can use as templates, do it.

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Those two ideas of the bad are templates, I’m sending the same ideas to everybody on the drip but since I’m only targeting Mobile App Development firms, these ideas work for every single one of those.

Think about who your target clients are and for that drip, what two ideas you can send them.
With two days after that last email, I’ll send this with a direct link to my Calendly:

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Then finally, if nothing else works, I’d send this:

And this one is five days after that last email. You’d think that a ‘breakup’ email doesn’t work, I thought it wouldn’t work for a while but this is actually our second highest convert email. The first one gets the most responses but the final email does get the second most responses as you can see.

That’s how we do it, that’s how we cold email when we don’t get responses. Feel free to try it yourself and tell me how it went!

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