How to Get Clients: 4 Steps to Get Your First 4 Customers

I used these exact 4 strategies after learning how to get clients for a content marketing company, and still use all of these today. 

Here we go.. 

1. Decide on what business you’re going to start and
Know who you’re targeting
There are plenty of resources online about how to come up with business ideas
Services are generally the easiest
Web design, development, writing, whatever you have skills in
And you want a specific industry in mind
Job title and company size

for instance
I want to sell blog content to startups that have raised between 1 and 10 million dollars and are hiring for content managers
Once you know who you’re selling to… 

2. Start with your friends/bosses
Make a list of people you know that own a company and might benefit from your service
Reach out to them with a quick email
My first few customers were all friends
They want to give you a shot, especially people that have hired you full-time
Cold email template:

Subject: Need blog content? 

Hey Mark, want to start by saying how big of an inspiration you’ve been. Partially thanks to you I’m starting a content company :) 
I saw that your company blog could use some stronger content - most of the big names are able to drive massive leads with content marketing. Would you be open to having me write a couple posts as a trial? Would love to catch up either way. 
Once you’ve talked to everyone that’s ever paid you.. 

3. Ask those people for referrals
Any professional colleagues or coworkers you have, ask if they know how to get clients that match your criteria
The more specific with them you can be the better
Ask at least 15 people, give them your criteria, ask them how to get clients, and see what they say


4. Reach out cold and scale
Go on linkedin or angellist and make a list of companies that match your criteria
Identify who the founder of these companies are
Guess the email address using a tool like
Reachout with a cold email
I go more in depth on how to do that in my udemy course “Intro to Sales for SaaS Developers” 

To recap those are: 
1. Know who you’re targeting
2. Start with friends/bosses and ask where & how to get clients
3. Ask coworkers for referrals
4. Reach out cold and scale