How to Get A Higher Rank on (And Why It Matters for Agency Marketing) is one of the most profitable and highest traffic sites that I’ve found for driving leads for mobile app and web development companies.

In this post I want to break down what makes a good Clutch profile. Also, I want to review the top 5 Clutch profiles by traffic sent to their site, figure out some tips and some takeaways.

The idea is to leave you with a plan for how you can improve and start your own profile so you get a lot of leads from this site.

Without further ado, let’s begin!

Let’s this serve as a preface: If you really want to get to the top of Clutch, you’re going to need a sponsor. In the video above you can see how almost the entire first page that lists mobile app dev companies is filled with sponsored firms.

That said, there is something called Clutch Rank that we can try to get on without paying for sponsorship.

Alright, so if you go over to Similar Web you can see that clutch gets about 300.000 pieces of traffic a month for the keywords listed there. So if you’re able to get to the top of the website, you can expect to see an average of 50 leads.

You can also see a list of the sites that get the most traffic from clutch. Take a look:

So let’s jump into all 5 of these profiles and see what they have in common.

The first one is Bizness Apps; it is a software-as-a-service tool for building applications so it’s a little bit outside of our realm, and not an agency.

But given that is getting so much traffic from clutch, it’s probably worth getting your Sass app on here.

The next one is this agency called Gromode, which has no reviews, a very short profile and I actually couldn’t find it on Clutch itself.

If you go to the lists of mobile app devs in the website, it isn’t anywhere so I’m thinking it might be bot traffic or a bug, so let’s throw it out.

Blue Fountain Media is the third on the list and it’s known in the app development industry for having the most effective marketing of any company.

If you go to any directory, there’s a good chance Blue Fountain Media is going to be at the top. They do this by paying for a lot of sponsorships and having a heavy focus on SEO, so their results are very hard to copy.

The other ones in the list are Appster, which is top for mobile app development in San Francisco; and Big Drop, which is Ecommerce developers and web designers.

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What they do right

So one thing in common across all these profiles is that they all have a great number of reviews; they all have over 10.

Having at least 10 reviews is going to be super important for getting your profile ranked as high as possible. I also recommend adding at least one review a month; ask your account manager to interview your clients to add more of these to your profile.

Clutch ranks based on activity as much as it does to the quality of your reviews, so quality and a steady submission of reviews every month will help your profile jump to the top.

The other thing to point out about these profiles is that they all have over a 4.7 rating and all the agencies have over 4.8.

In all the reviews they’re submitting, the clients are saying good things about them, so that’s also something to consider.

Don’t send bad reviews over just to get a higher number of reviews; it’s better to go out, work for even more clients, and get them to say good thing about you.

Another important thing is the focus percentage you punt into each area of work. If you Look at Blue Fountain, Appster and Big Drop, you’ll see wildly different focuses here. See it for yourself by going into their profiles and comparing them.

What you can learn from this is if you have an industry focus, you should put at least 30% on something to help you rank in that specific page.

The thing that I really want to point out is that when it comes to industry focus, having something over 50% seem to drive the lever by a lot in terms of how much is generated.

For instance, you’ll see that Big Drop has 80% in WordPress; Appster has 55% in mobile app development, with 50% in iOS over the other platforms, and Blue Fountain Media has 50% on WordPress and 50% in Drupal.

Another important thing to point out to is hourly rate and employee size. All three of these companies have rates over $50 but they also have wildly varying hourly rates; I would say it doesn’t really matter, as long as you stay under $200 you should be fine on Clutch.

Other thing that doesn’t really matter is offices.

When we were doing a Clutch review for Dom & Tom, adding an office in LA worked very well for SEO, so I think that the main reason why Appster added different locations in their profile. It also helps you rank on multiple pages.

Also, try to write the description about your company so it all fits above the fold of the site. It looks better if potential leads can read all about you without scrolling down.

Tips for you

1.    Get on Clutch already if you’re not
2.    Email your account manager with another client review
3.    Have at least 10 reviews
4.    Have one focus over 50%
5.    Rewrite your description so that it all reads above the fold
6.    Change one thing on you profile at least once per week

So this was all I had to say about Clutch. If you have any questions about marketing for agencies or need help, feel free to contact us

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