How to Cold Email Enterprise Companies

Somebody posted this question on our private Facebook Group, which you can get in if you’re a Patreon backer.

The question was:

How do you search and get contact with potential clients for mobile apps developers?

Today I want to show you the actual email I used when I was pitching social media services to large non-profits and enterprise sales. I used cold emails to book meetings with them.

How did I find the companies that I emailed?

I did it almost exclusively through job board. For instance, the company i’m going to show you is a non-profit called Global Footprint Initiative, they’re one of the big ones who I think they’re like top 50.

I found them because they were hiring for social media managers on You can do the exact same thing! Search for social media, search for mobile app developers, iOS, whatever skill you want to develop for on the enterprise and that’s how you can build the list.

Alternatively, you can look at the App Store, which I did another in-depth video on how to find the leads there. So here’s the actual email:

Contact us for more information on how we can create a marketing strategy for you agency!

One sentences customization, then one sentence about me, I called up two specific companies, -both I was working with at Dom&Tom-, a few ideas to help them improve their business.

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He got back later the same day with looping me with someone else and then I sent a lot of ideas over, they liked it and got back to me so we could book a meeting to talk about it more.

This was a good enterprise deal-meeting booked with cold email, if you’ve taken Ramit Sethi ‘Earn 1k’ Course, this was for 6 2015 and a lot of this is pulled from there so it’s worth digging into Ramit Sethi as well. or you could use this script too!

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