How to Budget for Sponsorships At 3 Stages of Agency Growth

In my YouTube channel I talked about a lot how, for mobile app and design agencies specifically, getting on the top directory is going to immediately increase the number of leads that come to your sites.

The more you do research on these directories, the more you notice that most of them were paid to play; you’ve got to pay a certain fee if you want to see a certain amount of exposure to your site.

So in this blog post, I want to to break down the 3 ways to approach sponsorships at 3 different stages of a company. Let’s jump into it:

New company: $0 – $2M in revenue

As a new company, I wouldn’t focus on sponsorships at all, I would focus on SEO. The new school SEO says “emailing people and passing your articles through their dead links is still something that works”. Check out Alex Beckers channel on YouTube if you want more insight into that.

The other thing that works is partnerships; sending cold emails to agencies that are slightly bigger than you or that have services complementary to yours that would allow them to send you their projects.

I did a video on how to find those partnerships, which you can watch right here

Growing company: $2M - $4M in revenue

I’d say invest $2.000 a month into these sponsorships. The breakdown of how that should look is: SEO and partnerships can be handled by an internal team, so either you’re doing that or somebody on your team; even we at Experiment27 handle that as well, so if you need you can contact us!

Both of these elements - SEO and partnerships – are cold-email focused now. is another good one because is cheap, like $14 a month, and if you submit often you can get tons of leads from there.

If you google “best mobile app development companies” or anything like that, you’ll see 3 sites that always pop up on the first page; one is (I did and in-depth video on how to rank on clutch. Here it is), the other one is and the third one is sponsorship is something I’d recommend for more of a scaling agency, but for the growing ones, I would recommend spending about a thousand dollars on the placement, and then another $1.000 on the placement as a sponsor.

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You can always shift the sponsorships around, but the above is a good baseline. So basically maybe $2K a month to the guy that is doing the SEO and the partnerships and then $2K a month towards these sponsor that are going to provide you with an immediate return.

Scaling company: $4M - $10M in revenue

I’d recommend spending about $12.000 a month on marketing at this point, and you can increase it by a lot if you want. is the big sponsorship you want to go for here. I would get a diamond sponsorship which is the top and will basically rank you instantly at #1 for best app development agencies. The price for the top sponsorship is about $9000 but is worth it; our clients have generated millions of dollars just from this Clutch sponsorship alone, which is why I push it so hard.

So that’s how you can spread your sponsorship budget on those three stages of agency growth. Hopefully you got some value from this, and if you did feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos and information like this

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