How Can You Start a Business If You're a Wantrepreneur Without Experience?

I was on a podcast, I think it was one of the big ones ‘Entrepreneur on Fire’ and I was asking the host about his audience because I wanted to know if they were mostly seasoned entrepreneurs so I could be talking on a high level and he said that 90% of his audience don’t have companies, either they were spectators into the ‘sport’ that is entrepreneurship or they’re waiting to make the leap.

On this blog post I want to talk about how to start a new business with no experience with three easy steps:

- Get more experience
- Clone their business
- Cold email to find clients

These are three things you should do if you don’t have a company yet, these will get you a company within six month and then you won’t have an excuse! Then you’ll be a business owner and maybe you don’t have to listen to these business podcasts or watch my videos anymore and then I can start teaching more advanced stuff to you.

#1 Get More Experience

You can do this by working for free. What I did when I was starting out was make a list of the type of companies I wanted to work for, at the time I was watching a lot of ‘Mad men’ so I liked that sort of business and I figured I wanted to be an account manager at an advertising firm in New York City.

You can do similar! I was also reading a lot of Tim Ferriss and digging into startup culture and Noah Kagan and App Sumo and I was listening to a lot of stuff about startups so I decided I wanted to move to NYC and work at a startup.

In order to get into the startup I went out and got these jobs and for the first startup I worked for free for a month doing business development. Figure out what industry you want to be in, get experience in that industry, work for three to six months – you only really want you work for one month for free and then they’ll hire you if your work’s good- save up for one month before you switch your job otherwise there’s very low risk to doing it.

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While you work for those six months and pay a lot of attention to everything that’s going on in the business, how is the founder connected to what you’re doing? Which I hope is something revolving sales because that’s where the money comes from.

What’s the founder doing? Is there an operations guy? What’s he doing? Is there a finance guy? What’s he doing? Is there a coder? Is it coding? What is he doing? Is there a team under the coder? Study the hierarchy of the company try to figure out as much of what’s going on as you can.

#2 Clone Their Business

For instance, if they’re a services business – these are the easiest to start because basically you just have to say you do something and start selling to people- clone their business and now you take their business as your own, use everything you learned from working there to start your own agency.

#3 Cold Email to Find Clients

There’s a blog post where I show you our actual script that we used to build my first company that outlines the actual cold email I used to go get my first clients for Experiment 27.

Whether you’re still working at that company where you worked for free at that turned into a regular job or maybe you quit and you’re going all-in and live off your credit cards, you’re going to be sending as many as cold emails as you possibly can. 

If your salary is high enough you can hire people in the Philippines or people in Rumania or India to build the list for you that you’re sending for your cold emails, otherwise you’re working on weekends and building this list up.

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Ideally you want to send about 200 cold emails a week when you’re first starting, maybe even more. Customize the crap out of those emails, meet with clients, close a deal or two and now you have a business.

That’s basically how you start a business without experience! Get experience, clone whatever business you jump into and clone emails to find clients. Do you have any other excuses for not starting a business?

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