Blog to Speech - How Seth Godin Monetizes His Ideas

Seth Godin is an American marketing expert, best known for his series of books, a lot of which are my top favorites like Purple Cow, Tribes, Linchpin and The Dip.

Where he is most effective is in content Marketing. Seth’s blog has been around for years now, and he’s blogged every single day without fail. Some of his posts get attraction and others mature into other ideas.

Now in this blogpost, I want to break down how Seth Godin does his blogging strategy, analyze what that strategy is and give some more clarity into how he’s running his business and monetizing his blog.

Seth Godin rule #1 is

1.      Blog daily, regardless of length

Seth, without fail, will publish a post every single day. Comments are disabled on the blog and his twitter feed is a bot publishing RSS feed.

So If you want to hear the latest about Seth, you just go over to his blog and post after post will be there, some of them short and some more lengthier, but they are being consistently published.

So if you’re doing your content marketing strategy and want to use this model, Seth said himself that if you blog enough, the best ideas are going to pop out, and those are going to be the ones that stick. This brings us to the second point:

2.      Package the best advice into books

Seth has said countless times that his ideas for books come from his well-received posts; everything from Purple Cow to We’re All Weird have all come from blog posts that he’s written about. He also uses the blog to promote the books.

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So far the strategy is to write small content daily and take that content and package it into a book.

What then? Let’s go to point #3

3.      Monetize with speaking engagements

If you look around online you’ll find that Seth Godin’s speaking fees range about 80.000$ to 100.000$ per event, and that’s where he makes the majority of his revenue.

He’ll do speeches and speak to businesses and colleges, monetizing those and making the bulk of his revenues. He’s launched a few courses in the past as well, but books and events are the source, and he uses his blog to create book ideas which give then generate the events, where he obtains most of the revenue.

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