Be Obsessed or Be Average by Grant Cardone Book Review | 3 Biggest Ideas

This is a book review for Be Obsessed or Be Average by Grant Cardone, if you don’t know who Grant Cardone is, go to this video where I break down his sales calls.

This guy is one of the most aggressive, full-hustler-salesman out there. Gary Vaynerchuk talks about the hustle but Grant Cardone has people follow him around all day as he cold calls and trains his sales people, actually hustling. People say he’s a little crazy but it’s just his style. This is the sequel to “The 10x Rule” book where he was talking about any goal you have -10x it.

This one is all about his psychology and I want to break down on this blog 3 things that I took away from it and hopefully you go and check it out!

#1 If You Hate Your Job, Work Harder At It

In this book Grant Cardone talks about his first real job, he was a used car salesman and he was doing a bunch of drugs and hated his life, all the normal stuff that people at the beginning of self-help books.

He was a car salesman and he said he hated that job more than anything. He would go try to sell cars and he was not too successful at it and then, at some point, something clicked for him and quit drugs and decided he would double down on the thing he hated. He studied all the sales books, he studied some great cars salesmen, all the sales trainers of the past and he became a good car salesman.

It’s such an interesting thing to do, right? A lot of Millennials, people my age and older than me, say that they want to find their ‘dream career’ and their life would be all set up.


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But really, the business I’m in –marketing for mobile app development companies- on paper sounds boring as shit, like something not as fun to be in, but I love what I’m doing, my loves what we’re doing! On the surface, level jobs that sound like they’re boring or sound like they suck are actually good if you dig deep.

So, Grant Cardone is really onto something here, if you hate your job just study it more and double down. Especially if you see opportunity there for you and for you family, as Grant would say.


#2 Keep Hiring, Each New Hire Creates More Revenue

Grant Cardone says that each new hire hasn’t exactly made him money but for some reason, every time he hires a bunch of people he always makes enough revenue to more than cover them and hire the next batch of people.

He’s saying that each new hire might not generate a 10x return but in aggregate, if you hire 10 people, one of those is going to be a superstar that’s going to empower all of them and most likely, multiple people are going to be a superstar if you have a good hiring process.

That’s what I’ve seen here in Experiment 27 too as well! Every time we’ve hire and we continue to grow, we are a team of nine now, –I’m hoping to get us up to 10 or 11 by the end of the year- our process gets better, our results go up for our clients and result also go up for ourselves too.

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We hired two new sales people who are doing cold email and cold calling, both of them are already basically trained up, it’s been about a week and just getting them on as many calls as possible with me and I have them all on calls together and they are getting trained. I see each one of them getting a substantial amount of income in the future.

The three new hires we have doing cold email for clients are crushing it. They are sending more emails that we ever did before and their emails are actually showing results even for clients that we’ve previously written off as not being able to generate meeting for.

So, you can’t lose money on hires, it’s Grants point and I totally agree. I’m seen that now and it’s amazing, if you can afford to hire people then definitely do.

#3. Be Obsessed with Everything in Your Life

This is the thesis of the book. Grant talks about not just obsessed with growing your business but being obsessed with being a good husband, with being a good father, with eating healthy. Literally, everything that you could possibly do in your life, he tries to be obsessed with all of it. 

I’m trying to take more of that into account as well and that’s something that I think it’s worth digging into more. That’s why I recommend this book.


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