A Facebook Group for Agency Owners Only

Hey guys, this is going to be a short post to let you know about a Facebook group I’ve just created for mobile app development agencies.

Right now it’s a pretty small group, with about 25 members, which include founders of digital agencies, Patreon supporters and people that like my YouTube channel.

The idea was to create a place where business owners can talk about what’s going on with their ventures, share experiences and help each other out, so they can deliver better service to their clients.

In this group, people can comment, leave questions and ask for advice. Me and the whole X27 team is going to be there as well, answering agency questions and interacting with you guys.

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Normally, this group is closed off; this means that you have to back the channel on Patreon to be a part of it or have an agency with over 2 million dollars in revenue.

However, since you guys on YouTube are awesome, I’m opening up registration for my subscribers for the next 30 days.

Now jump over to Facebook and join us, I’ll be there interacting with everyone. I’ll see you inside!  

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