3 Ways to Stay Motivated With Lead Generation

Recently I saw this question on Reddit, in the sales forum

Basically, they think lead generation is too boring and they want to spice it up. So, how do you stay motivated when you’re generating tons of leads?

You can watch the video, or read this blog post to see the answer

1. Get more closes

When I was chief marketer for Inspired Beats, I was sending between 200 and 300 cold emails a week, to try to close business. I would talk to the founder all the time about how I was getting burned out, and he gave me a great piece of advice:

“You’re not burned out because you hate lead generation; you’re burned out because you haven’t closed anything recently”

Well, that seemed like rubbish at the time; however I manned up, sent 200 more cold emails, got on a bunch of calls and ended up closing a few deals within a couple days of that happening.

Immediately, I loved lead generation again.

I think the burn out happens when you’re disconnected from the end goal. If you’re just leads and you’re not sending the emails and not closing, that would get pretty boring.

So if you’re starting to feel burned out, the first thing to do is to close more business, send more emails, template more; in short, get your message in front of more highly targeted people. You can also revisit the target and go after the people you’re more interested in.

Close more business

2. Outsource what you can

My very first job in New York City was at a startup, making cold call eight hours a day to mom-and-pop stores like martial arts companies, arts and craft stores, etc. The objective was to get them onto our platform.

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Back then, I hated making cold calls more than anything. So I took half of my salary and hired a Filipino cold caller for 10$ an hour so he’d make the calls for me. After some time we had this system running where I would generate the leads and would just pass it to him to close the business.

I was outsourcing the calling part of it, but in reality, you could outsource any part of it you want, and if you do this with the part that is burning you out, you can get over the hump

3. Automate what you can

Lets say you hate follow ups, there’s tools like Yesware that have a bunch of features, including an auto follow-up sequence. All I have to do is send the initial cold email, and it will automatically send follow-ups in a proven sequence to get the meetings.

Automation is big. Maybe you hate lead generation, so you can use the sites that sell you leads like LeadFuze; sites like this will automate the email side of it and you just have to take your calls.

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In this sense, you can remove yourself from the things that you don’t like doing to focus on higher value activities, even if you have to cut your own salary to do it

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