3 Ways to Get On The Fence Clients to Buy

So you’ve sold them hard, you’ve talked to your clients, they seem very interested, they ask you to send the contract and then… Nothing happens. Either they’re waiting on something, maybe it’s internal politics, they just won’t move forward, they are on the fence. How do you get those guys to buy?

It totally sucks when clients don’t want to buy from you! Especially when they seemed really into it in the beginning and asked you to send a contract over, here are 3 things you can do to get on the fence clients to buy and to help you psychologically deal with the fact that people aren’t buying from you:

#1 Raise Your Prices

Experiment 27  are constantly changing our prices, our products and our offerings to help us find better product-market fit and also because this is a really good strategy to get people to buy.

Basically, anytime somebody has been on the fence and we’ve told them that we’re raising our prices at the end of the month or changing our service so we won’t be able to work in the exact format that we’ve talked about, it’ll get them to buy a lot.

I thought that was super sketchy when I first heard it, I thought that would be weird and push back clients but if you’re actually changing your prices then it’s fine. The reason why we change prices is because we’re trying to deliver the most value to the most people, which means we have to work with much fewer clients and deliver maximum value to those guys.

If X27 is not is not delivering a 10x ROI to our clients, I don’t want to be a part of that client engagement. We need to vet upfront and one of the easiest ways to do that is to keep raising your prices until the clients that wouldn’t be successful can’t work with you.

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For instance, with Outreach it used to be 15 meetings that we’re booking per month for $2000 then we went to 10 meetings a month that we were booking for $2000 and now its 8 meetings a month for $2000 on a six-month contract. Soon, we’ll probably make it a year-long contract and we’re raising our marketing minimums every single month.

So, remember to constantly update your price and tell your clients about it, especially the ‘on the fence’ ones because it’s going to get them to buy.

#2 Ignore Them And Focus on Other Projects

One of the reasons why this might be an issue for you is you’re not working with enough clients. You need to be meeting with 20 to 40 people a week, you should be back-to-back especially if you’re just starting your company.

One of the easiest ways to do that is with cold emails but the short answer here to get more clients in your pipeline so send more emails to book more meeting and then you won’t worry about the guys that are on the fence, you’ll worry about the guys that want to buy right now

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#3 Follow Up Once a Month Automatically

I went through in another blog post our follow-up strategy so what we do when a client goes dark on us and it’s a drip that we use using Yesware that follows up and sends them another article from our blog or from our Youtube Channel every month and tries to get them on a call as soon as possible.

You want clients that are wanting to work with you because they have a real need and because they’re in love with the service that you offer. You should be only working with the clients that truly want to work with you, in an ideal situation and following up automatically with the other clients.

Those are the 3 ways to get on the fence clients to buy, raise your price or ignore them and focus on other clients and projects and follow-up automatically.

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