Marketing for Digital Agencies: About x27

As a founder you’re busy with a million things. You don’t have time to keep track of constantly changing marketing tactics, manage a vendor for content, another vendor for social media, somebody to run SEO, etc. Or worse – you’re already juggling directory sponsorships, throwing live events, and working with 3 or 4 marketing vendors.

We do all of that for you – giving you an all-in-one marketing team that actually brings your agency new customers, or managing your current team to incentivize them to hit their lead goals. Here are some big wins:

“Over 1 Million Dollars in New Sales”

Here’s Dom & Tom founder Tom Tancredi telling us how X27 directly generated $1 million USD in closed business (16% of his yearly revenue) within 6 months for his mobile app development firm:



Dom & Tom was around for 6 years – strong word of mouth client base – but their growth was stalled. We did an analysis and found out their website was only bringing in 14 leads per month.

Within 3 months of x27 handling all of their inbound channels we got their number of leads to over 60 a month – this equals $9,000,000 per quarter in new leads for their sales team. 6 months later they’re past 100 leads per month. We’re still consulting with this client, who is on track to double revenue and finally cross the $10 million mark.

“6 Days, 6 Enterprise Meetings”

Testing our cold calling service with a client (80 person iOS development agency in NYC), we had our team make calls on behalf of their company. Using our process of looking up specific goals and researching C-level executives, we booked calls with 6 enterprise companies in 6 days.



“Break Into the United States”

We’re currently working with several South American development agencies to setup partnership meetings with American firms.

Here’s what they had to say: