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About Us

Experiment 27 is a services company that works with top mobile app development firms to build out their marketing systems. Most agencies, even ones with multi millions in revenue - still don't have time to manage their own marketing channels, that's where x27 steps in. We do everything from cold email outreach to negotiating partnerships to PPC and SEO.

Meet the Team

Alex Berman

Alex is the founder and SVP of Operations the marketing and lead generation firm Experiment27. Alex is responsible for generating over $2.5 million in B2B sales and over $50 million dollars in for his clients. He also creates weekly videos to help agency owners grow their businesses and bring in more revenue teaching them how to optimize B2B sales cycles and put inbound marketing strategies in place.

Jason Chung

Jason is one of x27's Outreach Specialist. My experience with x27 has been a learning experience seeing the positive and tremendous growth within the company future. My superpower is turning any situation into a positive one.

Rinaldo Ugrina

Rinaldo is the Director of Content at x27. He oversees all marketing content initiatives across multiple platforms and formats to drive sales, engagement, leads and positive customer behavior. He is on a life-long quest to obtain mastery in mind control. For now, content is his medium.

Robert Indries

Robert effectively manages several small businesses and charitable projects. He has a strong focus on planning and execution, plus a couple years experience in sales and marketing. During his career, the teams he managed and projects he's overseen have won various awards and have been featured in magazines, newspapers, and national television.

Santiago Gomez

As a Marketing Strategist my role is to ensure our clients growth in sales by using Inbound Marketing / Social Media / SEO / Email Marketing and Business Intelligence in order to create an automated sales funnel that brings qualified leads and nurture them to become customers

Afnan Rahman


Afnan and Cameron are in charge of sales and business development for X27 where they oversee all matters relating to growth. The two Southern California natives say they could survive off of good vibes and sunshine alone. They’ve previously developed their skill-sets while working with Fortune companies and some of the largest agencies in the US. As two of the original members of X27, they are committed to delivering value to their existing partners, helping develop the X27 brand and making it the trusted consulting team for digital agencies everywhere.


Cameron Castellon